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October 5, 2012
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Cal Bio.

What lies in his soul is Searching

Real name: Charles Cadarossane
Birthplace: Boulogne-Billancourt (France)
Birthdate: 12 September
Age: 20
Height: 175cm.
Weight: 70kg.
Blood type: B
Weapon: Death scythe
Weapon Name: Mrtyu
Fighting style: Self-Taught
Arlette Cadarossane-Yvette  - Mother
Gilbert Cadarossane - Father
Estelle Cadarossane - Older sister
Félix Cadarossane - Uncle (deceased)
Amelie Cadarossane - Cousin (deceased - died of disease)
Partner and Friend - Amelie
"Servant" of Tira (later he betrayed her)
Léon - His Crow
All Members of " Bird of Passage"

As a young boy, Cal was very shy and quiet. His parents were cold and didn't show him too many feelings. The only one sister who pay any attention to him, as a result of forced marriage has been sent to Italy. By this he began to keep a closer relationship with his uncle and his daughter.But his daughter was seriously ill and ,at the age of 15 years died. Shortly after, heartbroken uncle also died, so Cal was forced into marriage by their parents, so that on the wedding day he fled to Germany,betraying his family.
Before his death, his uncle taught him the secrets of black magic. With time, the Cal deepened knowledge. He get a job in the store and in the back room after hours he practice magic. However, his family is still pursued him so he often moved.
One night I was attacked by thieves from a nearby village, but with Magic defeated them. This whole event looked at the members of the organization "Bird of Passage", who offered him work. He was taken under the wing of one of the younger members - Tira.
One day, she brought the girl to the organization of the provision of education. She called her "Loveless" ,However, Cal decided to call her "Amelie".
A few years later, along with Amelie Tira left the organization. Cal, however, decided to wait and later joined them under the same pretext. All this time he gave no sign of it, he is a traitor. With the raven Leon, easily spied from hiding their actions and "directed" murder.When I finally saw how Amelie is blind, he decided to save her doing the trick. It was then betrayed Tire. Now Amelie wants to kill the person who deceived her, but what are the actions of Cal? Why does he care so much for Amelie?

- Cal is his nickname. He gave it to himself to be less recognizable. He revealed his true name only to Amelie. However, Tira knows about his past, so Cal is still trying to track her, preventing "the outflow of information"
- For many years he trying to learn alchemy to resurrect his cousin - in vain.
- He called his partner on his cousin name - With that he decided to take care of her in the same way.
- People call him "Raven traitor" or "Night Hunter"
- He is is enchanted of Viola Magic skills what the rest (Amelie,Z.w.e.i) receive a different type of enchantment.
- He Frightened half the organization,because he is known from the fact that he is ruthless and cruel.
- His magical abilities are not limited to casting spells. He can also manipulate the energy of body.

With Michael
"Oh dear.. Really?"
win - "Sometimes a bat hit a tree." Lose - "This was the last .. time .. When I was nice."
With Amelie
"Please,be serious for a moment."
win - "Already finished playing?" lose - "You start to be more more focused"
With Z.w.ei
"We really need to fight. I'm tired."
win - Time to rest. lose - *Sank to his knees saying nothing*
With Viola.
"If the sun will be administered by the Moon,will never find the truth."
Win - "Can now begin to think soberly" lose - "It was a good lesson."
With Rook
"Ah. So it's you."
win - "This is not the time for unnecessary fight. You should know that" lose - "What a ... strength ..."
With Ramon
"Your soul is still closed. If you don't liberate it, you will be alone.
Win - "Now think about each other" lose - *laugh* Victoire est à vous. Thank you for fighting.
with Tira
win - "Never again don't underestimate me" lose - "Désolé..Amélie.."
With Nightmare
"The devil must be in hell because his existence on earth doesn't make sense."
win - "Why did you choose this path with so much hope in your heart?" (NOTE: It's because I think that Dumas is Raphy :3 )Lose - God... *Falls on the ground*
with Siegfried
"Bonjour Vieil homme!"
win - "I thought that this Hero can afford more." Lose - "So the rumors don't lie .."
With Patroklos
"Do you even know the meaning of the word "holy warrior"?"
Win - "I thought so." Lose -  Shees.. *Sank to his knees*

BONUS ---> THEME ---->…
Okay! Finnally I Create a Bio of Cal x__x That was Pain in Ass , his bio is more complicated than Amelie's x_x
No Image! I don't draw him in his outfit yet =D'' (In his hoodie)
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"Do you even know the meaning of the word "holy warrior"?" LOL! I love that quote!
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(Lose) Okay you got this one. For now.
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Now think about each other
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